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Use this guide to get going with your design

Click here to enter the Design Studio

Choose from one of two ways to get started
Start with a blank canvas.
Start with a design template.
Or, continue working on a saved design.

Start getting creative!
You'll have limitless ways to put together the image you want.
Easily change text, imprint colors, and design ideas.

Want to see what it will look like on a different garment color?
Simply change the background color.

When you're done save the design
You can name the design if you want.
You can even leave notes for yourself or for me to see later.

You can share your design with friends 
Fill out the "share design" page to let others see the design you created.
If you won't be sharing your design click the "X" at the top/right of the screen.

Want to start over or create another design?
Click the "design now" button at the top/right of the page.

You're done... almost
Email me when you’re done designing.
I’ll work with you to get you what you want, when you want it, the way you want it.

Please let us know if you have any problems, questions, or comments!

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